How to manifest with a vision board
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How to create a vision board that actually works

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Imagine this, you’ve manifested your dream apartment, dream career, and a positive mindset.

This may be at the top of your agenda for this year, but did you know that a simple tool can help you live the life you love?

And this tool is a vision board.

You may have heard of a vision board from Youtubers and Bloggers, but this powerful tool can make an enormous difference to your manifestation journey.

How to manifest with a vision board - Kyrazella

For me, vision boards have allowed me to have a clear vision of the dream life I wish to manifest. As a result, I could focus on the right goals and intentions to move further towards my dream life.

So, today I will share with you a simple step-by-step process which has helped me to create a vision board that actually works.

However, before I share this step-by-step plan, you need to first understand both manifestation and a vision board.

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How to manifest with a vision board

What is manifestation?

The term manifestation is loosely mentioned in mainstream media, and it’s usually linked with the universal law, the law of attraction.

However, the law of attraction is the belief that ‘positive thoughts lead to positive actions, and negative thoughts lead to negative actions.’

Whereas, according to Self Made Ladies, manifestation is ‘when your subconscious brings to life the things you need in order to achieve your lifetime goal. 

Although the law of attraction is a universal law, it’s understandable why many people mix the two concepts together.

The Manifestation Equation

For many years, it’s been difficult to find the perfect manifestation equation, but it wasn’t until I came across the book Make it Happen by Jordanna Levin, when I found a manifestation equation that actually works.

Manifestation involves a simple four-step equation: Thoughts + feeling + action + faith = Manifestation

And this simple manifestation equation can apply to anything, including vision boards.

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What is a vision board?

According to Louise Bartlett, vision boards are the ‘process of setting clear intentions and goals’ which will allow you to manifest the life you love.

There has been misleading information about vision boards, resulting to many people believing that the manifestation process is false. 

Many believe that vision boards involve just visualisation, but the truth is there is more to vision boards than just visualisation, and you will see this in the information below.

Why is it important to have a vision board?

A ‘vision board involves visualisation, reflecting on your past mistakes and setting clear intentions and goals for the future.’

After reading The Source by Dr Tara Swart, I found that visualisation involves abstract thinking, which is the ‘ability of the brain to imagine new possibilities that aren’t present right now.’ 

Visualisation allows you to eliminate your limiting beliefs and concentrate on the dream life you wish to achieve.

Basically, vision boards allow you to both eliminate limiting beliefs and create a vision for your dream life (the best of both worlds).

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How to create a vision board?

Reflect on the last 6 months.

Before creating your vision board, it’s important to reflect on your mistakes and achievements over the last 6 months. This will allow you to concentrate on the right goals and intentions to include on your vision board.

An example of one mistake you may have made in the past is ‘being unable to wake up at the same time every day.’

Therefore, this may become one of your goals to achieve throughout the year.

Here are a few questions below to help you reflect on your last 6 months:

  • Did you have any achievements?
  • Have you made mistakes, and what did you learn?
  • Who’s been around you, and how would you describe them?

Keep your answers safe, as you will need to refer to them later.

Create an Anti-Vision

As I had mentioned previously, an Anti-Vision is a useful exercise which I learnt from Muchelle B’s Skillshare class.

In her Skillshare class, she often asked herself this question: How could I make sure I’m unhappy in five years time?

From creating an Anti-Vision, it will allow you to establish your toxic habits. This is because toxic habits become barriers to success.

Therefore, your vision board will reflect only the goals and intentions needed to live the life you love.


Toxic habit: Not reading books.

Vision board: A picture of someone reading a book.

If you would like more information on how to create your own Anti-Vision, you can check out my ‘design your dream life’ blog post here.

Design your dream life

Now that you have reflected on your last 6 months and have created an Anti-Vision, it’s now time to write and visualise your dream life.

It’s easier to create a vision board after you have designed your dream life. This is because you will have a clear direction on the pictures you wish to include.

So, to design your dream life, you need to imagine yourself 5 years from now.

Here are examples of dream life statements:

  • Living in my dream apartment.
  • Owning a successful Etsy Shop.
  • Graduating from university.

You may feel over-ambitious, but you’re capable of achieving anything your heart desires, and you shouldn’t feel unworthy of success.

Do you feel stuck right now? I have created a FREE worksheet to guide you in this section. You can download the workbook here.

3 ways to create a vision board

Now, it’s time to create your vision board.

There are many ways to create a vision board, including in written form, pictures or both.

Below are a few vision boards to spark your imagination and remember there is no right or wrong way to create one.

How to manifest with a vision board
Created by Kyrazella
Created by Manifest Success with Karma
Created by Let’s Live and Learn

How to manifest with a vision board

Have the right mindset

Although the manifestation process involves visualisation, in order to manifest you must have the right mindset.

Your thoughts are powerful and can manipulate you into believing that your not worthy of things you wish to manifest.

That’s why it’s important to challenge your negative mindset, before it results in you manifesting the wrong things, including negative people and negative results.

There are many ways to challenge your negative mindset, including converting your limiting beliefs to positive beliefs, and observing your thoughts as they come.

Although it takes years to maintain a positive mindset, I have faith that you can start your journey today

Do you need help to challenge your negative mindset? I have included FREE mindset worksheets in the Mini Dream Life Workbook. You can download the FREE Mini Dream Life Workbook here.

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Create an action plan

An action plan is the most important step in the manifestation equation.

According to Catherine from Blissful Mind, an action plan is a ‘step-by-step method to get things done.’

An action plan will allow you to break down your most important goals into small, manageable chunks. 


Goal: To build a money-making Etsy Shop selling handmade candles.

Actionable steps:

  1. Brainstorming ideas
  2. Market research
  3. Create products

And so on.

You can check out her fantastic post on it here.

How to manifest with a vision board

Focus on 1-3 goals in each quarter

This is something which I had learnt from Lavendaire. After purchasing her workbook ‘The Artist of Life,’ it helped me to concentrate on 1-3 big goals per quarter.

This allowed me to have all my attention on these goals, ensuring that I achieve them at the end of each quarter.

As I had mentioned earlier, it’s important to break down your goals, and by focusing on 1-3 goals per quarter, it will make the actionable steps manageable.

Track your progress

You can easily track your progress by creating actionable steps which are measurable.

For example, if your goal is to invest £1,000 into your savings this year, then your measurable actionable steps would be £75 or £100 per month.

Round Up

I hope this post has guided your creation of a vision board. Although it may feel overwhelming at first, a vision board is a wonderful tool to use in your journey.

If you would like to have a digital version of this exercise, you can download my FREE Mini Dream Life Workbook here. This workbook includes simple exercises to help you both visualise and set goals for your dream life.


Hi I’m Kyra, a student and creator of Kyrazella. I created Kyrazella because I wanted to share valuable knowledge to help YOU create and live the LIFE YOU LOVE. I provide inspiring and useful knowledge on both mindset and manifestation, which I had learnt over the years. You can learn more about my story here.

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