Successful women, habits of successful women
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21 Habits of Successful Women (+ FREE Workbook)

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Here’s a question for you to think about: What defines women as being successful?

Does it mean to have £100,000? Does it mean to be debt free? Does it mean to save lives? Or does it mean to surround yourself with those who inspire and love you?

Every successful woman has positive habits which have enabled them to be where they are right now. As James Clear says in Atomic Habits, every small habit will add up to something bigger- whether it’s a negative or positive outcome.

For me, learning positive habits from Bloggers and Youtubers has affected my life positively, including my mental, emotional and physical health.

In this post, I will share 21 habits of successful women. As I had mentioned earlier, you will see that everyone has different definitions of success.

Therefore, you must define what success means to you.

What does being a successful woman mean to you?

Before continuing to read this post, it’s important to establish your definition of success. This is because as a woman living in the 21st century, other people’s opinions and values will easily influence you, including your definition of success.

This is something which I had learnt the hard way, and it cost me both financially and mentally. 

So right now before riding further, as yourself this question: What does it mean to be a successful woman?

If your feeling unsure, here’s an example of my definition to spark your inspiration:

A successful woman is someone who’s able to both support themselves and their loved ones financially and emotionally. And it also means to make a positive impact on someone’s life, big or small.

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Successful women, habits of successful women

21 Habits of Successful Women

1. She priorities her mental health

Prioritising your mental health is key to success. This is because your mental health sets the foundation for your goals and intentions. If you have a negative mindset, then this will create negative outcomes for your goals and intentions. A successful woman learns to prioritise her mental health, whether it’s taking a break from social media or turning off her technology for the day.

2. She learns from other people

A successful woman learns from those with skills and experience. This is because she understands her weaknesses in a topic area, resulting to her avoiding harmful mistakes. For example, instead of coding straightaway, she takes her time to learn from videos and books about the coding basics.

Here are a few of the best personal development books recommend from me and other successful women:

3. She practices gratitude

Gratitude involves showing appreciation for the things and people you have around you. It’s an essential habit for a successful woman. This is because gratitude challenges your limiting beliefs, which impact your outlook on life.

From performing gratitude every day (whether it’s before she eats or in the morning), it helps her to see the positive side to every hurdle she experiences.

Successful women, habits of successful women

4. She priorities her most important tasks

As Haylie from The Morning Buzz says, ‘effective time management plays an important role in being successful.’

Every successful woman learns over the years to spend more time on her most important tasks. As a result, this allows her to complete her tasks quickly and sufficiently, leaving more time for self-care.

5. She visualises her dream life

Visualisation is an essential part of manifestation, along with a positive mindset and taking action. Many successful women believe in the concept of manifestation, as it provides key tools and tips to help create and live the life they love.

As Dr Tara Swart says in the book The Source, visualisation allows her to ignore her limiting beliefs and to both embrace and explore the unknown.

A successful woman uses visualisation tools, such as vision boards and journaling to visualise the dream life she wishes to achieve.

If you would like to begin your manifestation journey, I would highly suggest downloading my FREE Mini Dream Life Workbook. This workbook includes the tools and tips needed to both design and take action towards your dream life. You can check out the FREE workbook here.

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Successful women, habits of successful women

6. She challenges herself

A successful woman accepts that life is filled with challenges and constantly challenges herself both physically, emotionally and mentally. She takes action on her wildest goals, such as starting a new side hustle and going to a social event, and does it with both confidence and passion.

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7. She has a growth mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that you can develop skills and abilities through dedication and hard work. 

For example, if she had failed one of her launches, instead of giving into her limiting beliefs, such as closing down her shop, she learns to understand why her launch failed and how to improve for the next launch.

Therefore, this shows that a successful woman believes in both learning from her mistakes and improving her capabilities, knowledge and skills.

8. She shows everyone her authentic self

A successful woman knows the importance of staying true to her authentic self. This is because she understands that being her authentic self provides value to both her businesses and personal brand.

Being your authentic self applies not only to business owners, but it also applies to women who want to achieve her dream job in a corporate career or study at a top university.

Successful women, habits of successful women

9. She has a good work-life balance

Although a successful woman would have achieved many of their lifetime goals, she understands the importance of balancing both work and life. After a long-day at work, she makes time to spend with either herself or her family, whether it’s in deluging in Netflix or expanding her creativity.

10. She’s not afraid of failure

Many people fear failure, whether it’s a poor grade or an unpleasant interview, but a successful woman doesn’t make the fear of failure stop her from succeeding. She observes her anxious thoughts surrounding failure and learns to take action on the thoughts which she can control.

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11. She has a positive money mindset

According to Marie Forleo, a money mindset is your ‘set of beliefs about money.’

Finances play a major role in both a successful woman’s career and personal life. Without a positive money mindset, she will fall into the trap of bad habits, such as spending too much on clothes and having no savings.

She learns to forget her past mistakes and takes responsibility for the present moment, which includes her setting budgets for each area of her life and increasing her income streams. If you would like to know more about a money mindset, you can read Mia from Selfmadeladies’ post on it here.

Successful women, habits of successful women

12. She takes a break from social media

Every successful woman understands the harmful effects of social media, such as negatively affecting her mental health and making comparisons.

She reduces her social media use to a maximum of 10 minutes per day or per week, and schedules her social media posts if it’s a part of her side hustle. This helps her to take control of both her mental health and influences.

13. She plans her next day

A successful woman plans her next day because it helps to reduce both stress and unproductivity. She’ll know what tasks she needs to be completing between a certain time-frame, and she will perform each task to her fullest potential.

Also, from planning her next day, it will help her avoid overworking herself, since she writes a maximum of five tasks per day for her to complete; having more time dedicated to her self-care regime.

14. She wears clothes that empowers herself

From wearing clothes that empowers her, a successful woman feels confident to tackle the world and strive towards the goals and intentions she had set for herself. These clothes don’t have to be a suit and tie, it can be your favourite t-shirt and shorts, or your favourite knee-high boots. 

Successful women, habits of successful women

15. She takes action

As mentioned earlier, a part of manifestation is taking action on the goals you had set for yourself. This is essential for every successful woman because not every outcome or experience is achieved through visualisation, instead it takes action to create a positive outcome.

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16. She surrounds herself with positivity

Every successful woman believes that those you surround yourself with will be reflected in your personality and mindset. For example, surrounding herself by those who are ambitious yet caring allows her to prioritise her mental health, and take action towards her wildest goals.

That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with those who make a positive impact on your life.

17. She takes time for herself

It’s easy for a successful woman to neglect herself, whether its having days off, doing her hair or prioritising her mental health. She understands the importance of taking care of herself first, which would allow her to take care of the people around her.

This could include journaling, dancing, drawing or watching a movie. A successful woman knows what activities are relaxing for her and knows not to copy other people’s self-care regimes.

Successful women, habits of successful women

18. She rewards herself

Every successful woman learns to reward herself after making an achievement, big or small. From rewarding herself, a successful woman is motivated to strive towards achieving her other actionable steps, such as applying for a job or creating a new product range.

Your rewards can include anything, such as buying a chocolate cake, visiting a theme park, or buying a new pair of shoes.

19. She accepts her past mistakes

As Eckhart Tolle says in The Power of Now, ‘the more you focus on time, the more you will miss the now.’

For many successful women, they would say that one important habit they’ve struggled to adopt is accepting her past mistakes.

Many women find it difficult to ignore the ‘what ifs’ and ‘why did that happen,’ but if this thought pattern continues, then she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the present moment (which is crucial for success).

Focusing on the present moment is important to success because every step you take towards your goal can make an enormous impact on your future. For example, if you spend time mostly playing games, then she will never have time to focus on improving yourself as a person.

20. She lives in the present moment

Instead of focusing on the past and future, a successful woman learns to focus her full attention on the present moment. Despite always writing their end goal, when setting goals, a successful woman focuses on the actionable steps they take during her journey. This allows her to both enjoy and take every opportunity that comes her way during her journey.

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Successful women, habits of successful women

21. She doesn’t care what others think

People judging you is something which you cannot control, as it’s a part of human nature, but you can control how you let it affect you.

A successful woman learns to stand tall and ignore the negative comments she receives, whether it’s about her appearance, her business, her writing or anything else.

This is a key skill to learn as you strive towards your ultimate goal, since there will be people who judge you for making that decision.

Round Up

Now that you know the habits of successful women. I hope this post has inspired you to adopt these positive habits that will help you become the successful woman you dream of becoming. If you would like to start your dream life journey, I have created the FREE Mini Dream Life Workbook. This workbook is for women who want to take their life to the next level. You can download the FREE workbook here.


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