Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 14th February 2021

This privacy policy governs how Kyrazella both uses and protects the information you use whilst using It’s important to read the privacy policy carefully in order to understand how I collect, use and protect your information on the blog.

How I collect information

I collect both direct and indirect information from the blog. This information includes your name, email addresses, credit card information, debit card information and other information.

There are several ways I collect information on the blog, including:

  • Google Analytics– which collects information about blog traffic, interests, age and other information.
  • Cookies– (please refer to the full cookies section for more information).
  • Newsletters– I collect your names and email address to send newsletters via email.
  • Products– when you purchase a product on the blog, I collect your name, email address, and payment information.

How I use information

There are several ways in which I use the information I collect, including:

  • Personalise your experience on the blog.
  • Provide and promote products and services.
  • Responding to your comments.
  • Communicate products, services, offers and so on through newsletters.
  • Analyse the blogs’ analytics using third party services.

How I protect your information

I understand the importance of keeping your personal information safe. Here on Kyrazella, I implement security measures to protect your information from harmful attacks. These include using third party security to protect your information behind a wall.

However, it’s important to understand that transactions using third party services through both affiliate links is not my responsibility if misused. Therefore, you’ll agree that I am not responsible for your misuse of your personal information.


Affiliate links

This blog contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission for when you purchase via the link. These affiliate links are products which I have personally used.

From purchasing via a link on Kyrazella, you are helping to maintain the blog, so I want to say thank you for your support.


Cookies are information stored on your computer or laptop. When you visit Kyrazella, the blog will send information to your computer.

Kyrazella uses cookies to help improve your experience on the blog, and the information collected includes date and time, pages viewed, your time spent on the blog, and so on.

You have the option to disable cookies on the blog via a pop-up, however your experienced of the blog will differ.

Terms of Conditions

Kyrazella is a blog dedicated to helping women create and live the life they love, by providing both manifestation and mindset content.

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations on Kyrazella. After reading this terms and conditions, I assume that you’ll agree with them, but if you do not agree with the terms and conditions, then it would be best to exit the blog.

Blog content

The information on this blog is the sole property of Kyra, the creator of Kyrazella. This information cannot be reproduced, reused, or changed without my permission. If you would like to request permission, you can email

It’s important to understand that the information used on this blog is for both educational and entertainment purposes only, and is based on my personal experience. Therefore, it’s not my responsibility if there are any inaccuracies on this blog.


Kyrazella has the right to both monitor and remove any comments which don’t meet the standards of the blog. These include inappropriate and offensive comments.


If you have questions, I would be happy to receive your message at, or you can fill out the contact form here.