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Dream Life

How to design your dream life (+ FREE Workbook)

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Do you dream about taking a risk and starting your own business? Do you dream about living abroad? Or do you dream about opening your first stationery shop? 

Although I’m an advocate for staying in the present moment, I’ve always loved to think about my dream life- whether that was before I fell asleep or whilst listening to a podcast.

Society has always told us we should have our lives figured out before we reach twenty-five, but that’s unrealistic, especially for twenty-year-olds who are still unsure about their purpose.

It wasn’t until I started watching videos about designing my dream life, when I knew I wanted something different compared to another twenty-year-old.

Despite this being nothing wrong to think about, others wanted to look for a potential partner or stick with a full-time job, but I wanted something different that doesn’t follow the normal twenty-year-old.

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How to design your dream life - Kyrazella

After watching dream life videos from creators, such as Lavendaire and Erin May Henry, it motivated me to create my vision of a dream life too.

From creating a detailed design of my dream life, it allowed me to have a clear direction which helped me to achieve my goals and intentions. So, today I will share with you the steps I have taken which have helped me to design my dream life.

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How to Design your Dream Life


Before designing your dream life, it’s important to become clear on what you don’t want for a dream life. This is a simple exercise which I had learnt from Muchelle B’s Skillshare class, and it will help you stay away from the toxic habits that are sabotaging your success.

In the class she asks herself, how could I make sure I’m unhappy in five years?

Before writing you answer to this question, here are some key tips:

  • Write in the present tense.
  • Write in short sentences.
  • Write every sentence with: In five years time…

Strangely, after asking myself this question, it was easier to write everything I didn’t want compared to everything I wanted. And I think this is because from being surrounded by different people, I’ve learnt that their toxic habits can have serious effects on their journey towards their dream life. So, unintentionally, I knew the life I didn’t want.

If you want a digital version of this exercise, I have included it in my FREE Mini Dream Life Workbook. You can download the FREE workbook here.

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Learn about yourself

Before designing your dream life, it’s important to understand who you are as a person. This is because you will know what your values, priorities and needs are as an individual, and it will help you design a dream life which is tailored to you specifically.

Below are three concepts that will help you understand yourself:

1. Life Path Number:

The Life Path Number is a concept from Numerology, which I had learnt from Lavendaire’s video here. After watching her video, I became interested in learning about my Life Path Number and what it means. 

The Life Path Number is your purpose in life. It involves adding all the digits of your birth date. For example, if you are born on the 15th November (11) 1999, then your Life Path Number is 9.

For me, my Life Path Number is 1, and it means to become an innovator and pioneer.

If you would like to learn about your Life Path Number, you can read Numerology’s blog post on it here.

How to design your dream life

2. Dharma Archetype:

I discovered the Dharma through Sahara Rose’s podcast, The Highest Self. The Dharma is ‘your divine purpose on this planet,’ and living your Dharma allows you to become fully aligned with who you are as a person.

After taking her Dharma quiz, I found that my Primary Archetype is The Researcher, whose primary aim is to ‘make sense of the world around them’ (which is definitely me).

3. Myer Briggs:

Discovering your Myer Briggs personality type will help you play to your strengths, enabling you to find a career which best suits your personality.

As an Advocate, I am someone who likes to avoid the ordinary. Although this can be seen as a weakness to others, learning this helped me to understand why I didn’t want to go into traditional careers, such as a psychologist or a teacher.

You can take the personality test here.

It’s okay to take a couple days to do these exercises, as it is important to understand who you are as a person. After you have completed these exercises, you can now move onto the next step, designing your dream life.

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How to design your dream life
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Design your dream life

Finally, it’s time to design your dream life, but before I share with you questions to ask yourself, it’s essential to understand that your goals and intentions will change overtime. 

When designing your dream life, you must focus on your main priorities and purpose for right now- whether it’s becoming a graphic designer or to become a travel blogger.

Below are the key areas of your dream life, and I have included questions to prompt you to write your answers:

1. Career

  • What would I be doing in my dream life?
  • What would I be learning?

2. Finances

  • How much money will I have saved?
  • Am I living comfortably?

3. Relationships

  • Who would I be living with?
  • Who would I be surrounded with?
  • Will my relationships be good?

4. Creativity

  • What would I have created?
  • What skills would I have learned?

5. Adventure

  • Where would I be living?
  • Where would I have travelled to?

6. Home

  • What would my home be like?
  • Will I be living in an apartment or a house?
  • Will my home be organised?

7. Mindset

  • What would I be saying to myself?
  • Would my mindset be positive or negative, and why?

8. Health

  • What would I be eating?
  • What exercise activities would I be doing?

If you would like a digital copy of this exercise, you can download the FREE digital copy here.

How to design your dream life
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What happens if my vision changes?

As someone who changes their goals and intentions often throughout the year, I understand how unmotivating and frustrating it can become, but I’ve learnt that it’s normal to change your goals and intentions, even indirectly.

As Catherine Beard says on her blog, The Blissful Mind, your goals and intentions are changing because your priorities change as you become older and wiser every day.

Therefore, it’s important to focus on the big picture of your dream life, since your strategy on how you reach your big picture will change continuously.

Round Up

I hope this post has guided you through creating the life you love.

I would recommend the FREE Mini Dream Life Workbook. This workbook will provide you with guidance in both designing and striving towards your dream life. You can check out the workbook here.

How to design your dream life - Kyrazella

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